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I am a learner. I think in patterns and relationships which allows me to quickly asses situations to identify issues and draw up creative solutions. I have worked in the design and project management fields because I enjoy working with teams to develop solutions from start to finish, ensuring each piece of the puzzle is done well and with respect to all parties. 

I completed a BS in Graphic Design at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP). During and after these studies, I spent two years perfecting my branding and package design skills at Landor Associates, an international creative branding agency. My time at Landor Associates gave me the experience necessary to become the Design Manager at ArtWorks, a Cincinnati-based public art and education non-profit. ArtWorks was a marriage of my interest in design and my desire to create positive change in my community. While Design Manager there, I was responsible for designing and producing all in-house needs including overall brand management, fundraising campaigns, web graphics, event collateral, and more. During this time I helped concept and design a direct mailer and related web campaign that brought in a 130% increase in donations from the previous year’s mailer

.Because of my ability to manage multiple, detailed and difficult projects and work well within a team, I was promoted to lead a city-wide public art project, ArtWorks CincyInk. As such, I juggled conversations with government officials, artists, corporate executives, and local property owners in order to build a unified vision and gather the support necessary to make the project a city wide success. Additional responsibilities included: collaborating with 2 design agencies to develop the brand; creating and managing a $415,000 project budget; assisting with fundraising; directing 40 professional artists; coordinating efforts between 10 public and private partners, 15 major funders, 40+ property owners, and 3 fabricators; as well as preparing files for production in order to ensure successful, legal, and under-budget execution of 52 unique public art installations.

I am eager to combine my unbridled passion for bettering lives with my design and communication skills to develop world changing solutions. Change is difficult to effect, but I would like to spend my life helping to shift the needle. 
Teresa Hoelle
VP of Marketing at United Way of Cincinnati
former VP of Institutional Advancement at ArtWorks

Elishia is a joy to work with. She is abundantly curious, thoughtful and hardworking. Elishia joined ArtWorks as our design manager. She created an amazing and beautiful direct mail and online campaign (Adopt-An-Apprentice) that broke records in funds raised. It was also praised by a local marketing executive as “the best example of a direct mail piece by a nonprofit!” Elishia has a great design eye, and she is also a critical thinker. She’s wildly creative. She also works very hard and will take on any new challenge. Elishia pushed herself and assumed a new role while at ArtWorks. She oversaw the 2015 CincyInk public art project. She had to oversee 50+ artistic site installations throughout downtown Cincinnati. She sought building owner permissions, worked with artists, and funders to make this amazing project, praised by Cincinnati Enquirer as “the most ambitious public art project Cincinnati has ever seen,” a reality for thousands to enjoy. She was instrumental in the project’s success. And throughout it all, she represented our organization with utmost professionalism. Her contribution to ArtWorks and the city of Cincinnati will live on for years and years. She is a young star with a bright future!
Lisa David
Director of Community Development at ArtWorks

I worked with Elishia on one of the biggest projects at ArtWorks in 2015 called "CincyInk". There were many unknowns and layers throughout the process yet she managed it with a collaborative spirit and remained very calm and cool. Most impressive was her ability to graciously work with all parties involved - she really represented ArtWorks in a positive light, working with external partners, executives of companies and other contributors.
Jim Stapleton
Principal at FRCH Design Worldwide

Elishia’s chop chop. She knows how to get shit done.
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